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Best Turnkey Rental Booths For Vision Expo West 2023 Best Turnkey Rental Booths For Vision Expo West 2023 Best Turnkey Rental Booths For Vision Expo West 2023
Best Turnkey Rental Booths for Vision Expo West 2023

Best Turnkey Rental Booths for Vision Expo West 2023

Every year, Las Vegas, Nevada, serves as the stunning backdrop for an event that has the eyecare industry’s best and brightest descending upon it – the International Vision Expo West. This annual convergence transforms Sin City into a pulsating heart of optical innovation, an eclectic mix of cutting-edge eyecare technology and fashion-forward eyewear design.


From September 27-30, 2023, thousands of ophthalmic professionals from across the globe will gather to immerse themselves in an environment where high-end medical devices, optical supplies, the latest in pharmaceutical developments, and low vision advancements are showcased. A visit to the event feels like stepping into the future of eye care.


But Vision Expo West isn’t just about the technology; it’s a nexus where the educational and commercial aspects of eyecare intertwine. The event features seminars conducted by thought leaders in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and technology, ensuring that knowledge and insight flow as freely as the opportunities to explore the latest product offerings.


Renting a custom trade show booth is a better option than buying one.


For brands, participating in such large expos is an unrivaled opportunity to amplify their visibility and engagement. However, to make the most of these events, your booth’s design and layout need to impress. In this scenario, renting a custom trade show booth stands out as a highly practical and advantageous option. (Check TrueBlue Exhibit’s portfolio here to see how the options for creativity in custom booth rentals are limitless!).


Benefits of Renting


Renting a booth grants you flexibility. Your booth can reflect your brand, mission, and vision while allowing room for adaptations based on specific needs. It eliminates the worries of storage fees or a hefty capital expenditure that comes with purchasing a booth, and it’s a financially sensible choice if you only partake in a handful of trade shows each year.


Furthermore, the ability to rent more than one exhibit simultaneously for different events can be a game-changer if your brand is juggling multiple trade shows in a year. Some booth providers, like TrueBlue Exhibits, offer customizable turnkey booths – an ideal blend of adaptability and brand representation, enhanced by state-of-the-art offerings like LED video wall rentals. (See how LED video walls can up your game at trade shows here.)


Exhibiting at the International Vision Expo West presents a strategic opportunity to opt for an island booth.


These booths, positioned in high-traffic areas and visible from all sides, provide a comprehensive platform for your brand to stand out and engage more visitors. The larger space allows for a broader product display and the creation of immersive experiences for attendees.


Island booths enable a hands-on approach, vital for a successful interactive exhibit, and they offer plenty of room for customization, aiding in the creation of a unique, memorable brand experience for attendees.


Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of exhibiting at Vision Expo West is the networking potential. The event provides access to a wide range of potential clients and customers and opens doors to collaborations and conversations with other industry professionals.


Why Choose TrueBlue Exhibits


At TrueBlue Exhibits, we’re experts in designing, building, and delivering custom trade show booths and LED video wall rentals. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including in-house fabrication, site transportation and national delivery, professional installation, and dismantle services.


So, as you gear up for the upcoming Vision Expo West 2023, make sure you put your best foot forward with a booth that captures your brand’s spirit and vision. Get in touch with us at or call us at (702) 445-8294 to explore how we can help you create a memorable, successful exhibit.

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