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Why Should Attendees Stop at Your Booth

Why Should Attendees Stop at Your Booth



Every year, numerous trade shows take place around the world, allowing businesses to get in front of and try to appeal to an audience. When someone attends an event like this, though, what is going to make them stop at a certain booth of a trade show? What kind of display will catch their eye? What will they get if they come over to learn more about a product/service?

Those who are setting up booths at trade shows need to provide incentives like the following:



Attendees Stop at Your Booth



Free Swag


Of course, swag is a go-to option for booths, since everyone loves freebies! Don’t just get random tchotchkes, though, and instead, opt for promotional products that align with what you do and who you target. 

For instance, if you are a wellness company, you could hand out branded protein bars, pedometers, or water bottles. If you are in the eco-space, you could go with reusable straws, canvas tote bags, or items made from sustainable materials like cork or bamboo





On a similar note, a brand can host a giveaway or a raffle at a booth, in order to draw in a crowd. In order to do this, choose a big-ticket item as the prize, and post about it on social media. Easily allow guests to enter to win, and select a winner in a random and public way before the end of the day.

Some stand-out items that can be given away or raffled off, no matter what your business does, include wireless speakers, bags/backpacks, and gift packages that combine several smaller products into one bundled prize. 



Time With A Professional 


Besides giving away free products, a business can also give away time. Your product could be a one-of-a-kind thing, and people may want to ask you all about it while getting to actually use it. Your services could be highly needed in your area, meaning those who stop at your booth may have specific questions that only you can answer.

Trade shows can take a great deal of time, money, energy, and resources. However, the team you send to them needs to be ready to provide insight, education, and a good time to everyone who stops! 



Attendees Stop At Your Booth



Business Tips


Furthermore, a booth can offer business tips; trade shows bring together a certain industry. And a smart way to stand out from competitors is to give great advice. This will look different for everyone, depending on your field, location, and brand. But providing booth visitors with valuable info is an effective tactic.

So before heading out to the next industry event, stop and think about how to draw in potential customers. What will appeal most to people and why anyone should care about your booth at all!

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