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Las Vegas Trade Shows in 2023: Benefits, Opportunities, and Top Picks

Las Vegas Trade Shows in 2023: Benefits, Opportunities, and Top Picks

A trade show is like a big fair for businesses. Companies that work in the same type of business come together to exhibit their products and services and the latest advancements to each other to learn and grow. These events are really helpful for businesses across industries.


Trade shows can be beneficial to your company in a number of different ways:


1. Trade shows allow companies to engage with individuals who might be interested in their products or services. These interactions can blossom into beneficial relationships, fostering a healthy business environment.

2. These events offer an ideal platform for businesses to introduce themselves to people who might not have heard about them before, regardless of whether these people are mere attendees or have booths of their own.

3. Selling isn’t the only agenda at trade shows. Businesses can also observe current market trends and monitor the strategies implemented by other companies.

4. Trade shows provide the perfect setting for companies to network with other businesses, industry leaders, distributors, purchasers, and logistics personnel, possibly leading to more favorable business deals.

5. Often, trade shows feature workshops or presentations where companies can gain insights specific to their industry. This is a chance to experiment, too; your company can introduce and test new products, strategies, or concepts at these events.

6. Trade shows present an unparalleled opportunity to connect with the right individuals and find potential clients, giving your business the uplift it might need.


Trade shows can be for all kinds of businesses. Here are some examples:


● Shops for regular customers
● Art and craft shows
● Education and training events
● Entertainment and media expos
● Food and drink fairs
● Industrial engineering exhibitions
● Fashion and beauty expos
● Agriculture and forestry shows
● Tech expos
● Building and construction events
● Business services expos
● Clothing shows
● Car shows
● Home and office expos
● Medical and drug fairs
● Health and fitness expos
● Fashion shows
● Transportation and logistics expos
● Boat shows
● Computer and gadget expos
● Railway and roadway shows
● Tea and coffee fairs
● Kitchen and bathroom expos
● Oil and gas expos
● Franchising and retailing shows
● Natural and organic expos
● Miscellaneous trade shows
● Medicine expos
● Hospital and surgical expos
● Book and publishing fairs
● Plastic and polymers shows
● Leather goods shows
● Advertising expos
● Amusement and attraction expos
● Fabrication shows
● Paints and coatings expos
● Knitting and stitching fairs
● Glassware shows, and more


Pretty much any industry you can think of might have a trade show where companies can show off what they do. Some very famous examples are the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held in Las Vegas, catering to the tech industry; the SEMA Show, for the automotive industry, also held in Las Vegas, etc.


Las Vegas is a pretty popular venue for trade shows, expos, and conventions. In fact, it’s like a party city for businesses. Every year there are about a thousand business events happening here with excellent facilities of accommodation. Las Vegas has some of the best venues and hotels for such events, which means attendees and staff alike can work and have fun at the same time!


This year too, in 2023, Las Vegas is set to play host to some of the most exciting trade shows in North America.


Whether you’re a business owner or just an enthusiastic attendee, here are 10 can’t-miss events and some tips to get you ready for them:


1. SuperZoo (August 16 – 18, Mandalay Bay): It’s the biggest pet industry gathering on the continent, with over 20,000 visitors from all corners of the globe. If you’re in the pet business, prepare by studying up on the latest pet products and services. Here, you’ll want to design a booth that stands out and showcases your unique products to the crowd.


2. Las Vegas Market (World Market Center): This event draws over 50,000 people who are keen on home furnishings and gifts, making it the largest of its kind in the western US. Businesses can get a head start by researching the latest trends in home decor and gift items and putting together a striking booth display.


3. Alternative & Direct Investment Securities Association (ADISA) (September 18 – 21, The Venetian Expo): ADISA is a heavyweight in the world of alternative and direct investment. Businesses attending this show should explore the latest investment products and services and design a distinctive booth to show off their offerings.


4. National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) Show (Caesar’s Forum): As the most extensive annual gathering for the convenience and fuel retailing sector, the NACS Show attracts over 25,000 visitors. Stay ahead by researching the latest products in this industry and making your booth a sight to behold.


5. Consumer Electronics Show (CES) (January 10 – 13, Las Vegas Convention Center): This global event draws over 170,000 attendees and is the premier showcase for consumer tech. Preparation should include keeping abreast of the latest consumer electronics and designing an eye-catching booth.


6. National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) International Builders’ Show (February 7 – 9, Las Vegas Convention Center): Attracting over 60,000 visitors from 100 countries, it’s the world’s biggest light construction show. Businesses should keep tabs on the latest in building and construction and make their booth a visual marvel.


7. National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show (April 22 – 27, Las Vegas Convention Center): This show is the go-to place for electronic media, with over 100,000 visitors from 160 countries. Prep work should include researching the latest in media and entertainment and creating a show-stopping booth.


8. International Pizza Expo (March 27 – 30, Las Vegas Convention Center): It’s the world’s biggest pizza industry event, drawing in over 12,000 attendees. Pizza businesses should study the latest pizza products and services and create an enticing booth display.


9. National Hardware Show (May 9 – 11, Las Vegas Convention Center): As the largest annual hardware show in the US, this event attracts over 30,000 visitors. Businesses can prepare by checking out the latest hardware and home improvement trends and crafting a spectacular booth.


10. MAGIC (August 14 – 17, Las Vegas Convention Center): With over 85,000 visitors, it’s the largest fashion marketplace in the US. Fashion businesses should stay updated with the latest fashion and apparel trends and ensure their booth stands out.


Remember, trade shows are not just about the products or services; they’re also about making an impression.


You’ll need the services of a professional company that can not only help you build a custom booth display but take care of all the headaches involved on your behalf, right from the delivery and installation to the dismantling of your trade show booth.


That’s where TrueBlue Exhibits comes in. This trade show company offers a bunch of turnkey services to help businesses create personalized and memorable booth displays. Here’s what I like about them:


➔ Think of a booth that’s unique and draws the eye. TrueBlue can make it happen with its custom exhibit design services. They can help you show off your products and services in a way that’s visually stunning.

➔ But it’s not just about looks. TrueBlue Exhibitsalso handles the build of these custom booths through their in-house fabrication process. They merge the practical with the visually appealing to create something special for your trade show.

➔ And there’s no need to worry about setting up your booth. TrueBlue Exhibits takes care of installation, making sure your booth display is assembled correctly and ready on time.

➔ Want to add some extra wow to your booth? TrueBlue offers LED video wall rentals to help businesses make their booth even more immersive for attendees.


Get in touch with TrueBlue Exhibits and start planning your standout booth now for these events!

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