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Inline Booths: Benefits and Drawbacks for Trade Show Exhibitions

Inline Booths: Benefits and Drawbacks for Trade Show Exhibitions

An inline booth, which may also be referred to as a linear booth, is a common sight in the exhibition halls of trade shows. Characteristically situated along an aisle between other exhibitors, these booths are typically available in sizes ranging from 10’x10′ to 10’x30′, depending on the expo guidelines, and often stand at a height of about 8 feet.

Inline booths, which are typically found at large expositions due to the fact that their design is both compact and adaptable, are excellent for making the most of the available space in confined areas. However, they usually only have the front side open to the aisle, creating a back-to-back arrangement with other inline booths. When these booths rest against the expo hall perimeter, an exterior wall, or a significant architectural feature, they may also be termed “perimeter booths.”

Choosing the appropriate booth size and type for a trade show can seem like a challenging task; however, if you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of inline booths, your decision-making process will be significantly simplified.

Pros of Inline Booths

Because of their many benefits, inline booths are quickly becoming the booth format of choice for a growing number of exhibitors.


Notably, inline booths are affordable, making them perfect for businesses with budget constraints. They are able to be completed by a one- or two-person team without the need for excessive crowding.


Inline booths also allow for flexible experimentation. If you are unsure whether a trade show will benefit your business, these booths provide an excellent platform to test the waters without significant financial commitment.


In addition, if you intend to participate in a number of different events, inline booths are a practical and economical choice because they can be repurposed for use in a variety of different shows with only minor adjustments.

Increased Visibility

At larger events, securing multiple inline booths instead of a single larger booth can amplify your visibility, making a bigger impression and creating more touchpoints with attendees.

Cons of Inline Booths

On the other hand, inline booths come with a number of drawbacks that could negatively impact your overall experience at the exhibition.

Limited Size

Because of their small size, inline booths might not be suitable for companies that have extensive display requirements. This would run the risk of disorganization and overcrowding.


Inline booths are subject to a variety of show restrictions, including a height restriction and limitations on the ability to suspend items from the ceiling. In addition, the sides of the booth must not be blocked in any way in order to maintain clear access to the aisle, which can reduce the amount of interaction between booth staff and visitors.

Visibility and Competition

Inline booths, often located around a central hub, may lack visibility from across the convention hall compared to more prominent island booths. Plus, being sandwiched between other booths may heighten competition for attendee attention.

Despite these drawbacks, there are strategies to maximize the potential of an inline booth. Strategic location selection, such as a corner space, can create additional open space, making your booth more inviting. Remember to avoid overcrowding and maintain a tidy booth to ensure a positive visitor experience.

Experimenting with unique lighting combinations and spotlighting key products can also make your inline booth more eye-catching. Use neon lights to represent your company logo, for example, to inject a dash of fun and texture into your booth.

In conclusion, inline booths provide a versatile and cost-effective solution for exhibitors at trade shows. While they come with some constraints, strategic planning and creativity can go a long way in turning these potential pitfalls into opportunities for a successful exhibition.

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