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Trade Show Event Marketing Plan for Success

Trade Show Event Marketing Plan for Success



There was a time when succeeding in a trade show event marketing meant showing up and shaking a few hands. But, with an ever-expanding competition pool, you need to do more than stand behind your booth and smile if you want to achieve a high ROI. Hence, you need to have a comprehensive trade show event marketing plan in Las Vegas for guaranteed success before, during, and after your trade show. 



The Pre- trade Show Event Marketing Checklist 



A trade show is one of the most effective face-to-face marketing strategies. As such, you should make significant preparations for it. Before the show:






Trade Show Event Marketing




Not only do you need to register for important trade shows, but you also need to do it early. This ensures you nail down a premium booth space. Moreover, it also protects you from missing any event, should your schedule get busy.



Set Your Goals



What do you wish to accomplish for your business? Are you trying to boost sales? Or acquire more leads? Set your goals early. Hence, they will act as both a guide and a benchmark for your success.



Create a Buzz



You need to get people excited about your trade show event marketing way before it begins. Hence, you could create a unique hashtag on Twitter or post a series of related blog posts on your website. Other ways to spread the word include:

a. Email blasts

b. A social media campaign

c. Video teasers

d. An online press release



Invite Leads



Add that personal touch to your event by personally reaching out to leads. Share detailed information about the event with your current contacts and customers. Tell them what they can expect.



At the Show 



According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, 4 out of every 5 attendees in a trade show have buying authority. At the show, you want to collect as many leads as possible. 



Make an Impression



You have a few seconds to wow passersby. You don’t want to skimp on the quality of branding or graphics on your trade show displays Communicate exactly what your brand is about in the shortest time possible.



Bring Your Best Team



Imagine a booth attendant who sits down every five minutes to send a quick tweet. Tragic, right? Your team reflects on your whole company. Make sure everyone understands and performs their role.



Engage Your Visitors



Trade Show Event Marketing




Don’t rush your prospects. Let them walk around the booth until they are comfortable then gently engage them in conversation.



Be Creative



Incorporate well-planned and effective games or giveaways into your display. You can also use technology to reach out to prospects both on the floor and those who couldn’t make it.



The Follow Up



The trade show doesn’t end when it does. In fact, what you do after the event is by far more important than your actions during it. To make sure that your efforts had the intended effect:

a. Send emails thanking everyone for their attendance – Give personal attention to leads that you feel good about and provide them with a link to further information.

b. Nurture good leads – These include prospects who responded to your email.

c. Keep blogging and posting about the event.

d. Use the goals you set pre-show to track your performance.

A trade show is like a battlefield. If you go in without a game plan, you will probably accrue countless casualties. Allow the experts at TrueBlue Exhibits to help you create the best trade show event marketing plan in Las Vegas for your next show.

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