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Key Points For a Great Trade Show Video Wall

Key Points For a Great Trade Show Video Wall




Video walls are very creative and useful and get more fame day by day because of their dynamic and impactful characteristics. The graphics and magnitude of the video wall give a very dramatic look to the backdrop and entrance in many applications and spaces. All big or small businesses such as restaurants, retailers, corporate, entertainment venues, and stadiums are using trade show video walls to connect more with the audience.

LED video wall displays are specially designed to give users creative look options. This appears helpful for business users to get the best option for their business scenarios. It is such a great investment, but you should consider some important design, setup, and optimization factors to get the best project according to your desire.



LED Video Wall

LED Video Wall



You always get in Las Vegas trade show video wall that matches your future expectations and assumptions from it. You can get immediate and long-term business success by going through some basic points. First of all, get to know how long will it take to move this technology to the latest versions and how much flexibility is available on the platform. If you use basic architecture systems and standard networks and PCs, and the system software is more adaptable, then get to know that the product supplier provides you with the best quality and system support.

To get the surety that you are getting the best in the result of your investment, the following are the best outcomes you can expect from this product:


  1. Goals
  2. Content
  3. Layout and Installation
  4. Functionality

Goals from the trade show video wall:



First of all, you have to go for a goal that is what you are expecting from your LED video wall. Give it a thought that how it will influence purchases, entertain the audience, promote items or offer other information. You can take multiple tasks from an LED wall; you just have to sit and write down what help you are expecting from it. Define your goal based on the SMART (Specific, Measurement, Achievement, Relevancy, Time Limit) rule to get the visualized idea of your LED video wall success.


The content you want to display:



The content you want to display is related to your goals specified with the video wall. Your goal will help you design content related to it. If there is a lot of text in your design, you need a clean font and high-contrast colors. The images you are adding in the background should be precise and subtle. If you are focused on the entertainment factor in your design, clarity, and motion are needed.

Most customers just expect information related to business. So if you give them the correct information, it will greatly affect your business sales. One of the studies in Cisco IBSG found that 40% of shoppers agreed that digital displays such as video walls influence them to purchase a particular product because the digital sign provides them with relevant information.




 Qatar Seatrade Cruise Global 2022 LED Video Wall

Qatar LED Video Wall


Installation of Video Wall:



As told earlier, the video wall design should be easily adjustable and can be updated with modern technology. It should not be like that. You just install it once and never give it a look again. It should be maintained and updated regularly. For all these things, accessibility is needed, so make sure you decide it before getting a video wall. Few are the factors that affect the placement and installation of video walls:


  1. Angles and Sightline
  2. Viewing distance
  3. Lights, i.e., ambient or direct
  4. Interior versus exterior design
  5. Configuration space for its installation and fixation
  6. Code requirements for structure mounting


The functionality of hardware and software needed:



When choosing a hardware device, look for a commercial-level LED. Because they are built with constant use and don’t overheat easily. Also, if you use a noncommercial screen for commercial purposes, it will not provide you with any warranty. You would need a processor or a player if you built it on screen or as an attachment.


Find the best Video wall with TrueBlue Exhibits:


Having a big video wall is such a big deal. If you execute it well, it will help you have a great and boosted connection with the audience. Focusing on stuff like installation, layout, content, goal, and functionality, you get the video wall, which gives you the excellent result of your investment and has worked like magic for your business for years. So if you have a plan to get a video wall contact, TrueBlue exhibits for best customized and organized digital sign equipment.

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