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How do you attract customers to a trade show?

How do you attract customers to a trade show?



In a sea of trade show booths, you must divert customers’ attention away from others and onto your company. This may be done in various ways, and creativity is essential—illusions, brand boxes, freebies, amazing stuff, social media competitions, etc.

You might be asking what a trade exhibition is about. Trade shows are critical for expanding your business and raising awareness of your product or service. Aside from recruiting new consumers and collaborators, you may also examine the competition and how they match, surpass, or exceed your efforts.



What draws people to trade shows?


Significant effort and study have determined what pulls visitors to specific trade show booths while other firms struggle to stand out in a sea of decked-out displays. These exhibit elements combine psychology, design, and time-tested marketing interaction methods to ensure you fall into the former category, with flocks of visitors flocking your way.


· Creative Theme


Many businesses combine the professional aims of attending a trade show with a slick presentation. In other words, they use traditional booth setups with minimal interactive elements and stuffy, formal brand graphics, all in the name of conveying “professionalism” – while, in reality, they bore guests and blend in with the crowd.

Don’t fall into the temptation of constructing a too traditional booth. Out-of-the-box ideas, events, and aesthetics are significantly more memorable and are more likely to be scored positively by participants.



Attract Customers To A Trade Show



· PR Campaign


Do you have any exciting news to share with the public before the trade show? Are you introducing a new product, launching a new campaign, or gathering input from your target market on a new idea? Make sure you create a remarkable public relations campaign! Before the event, reach out to bloggers, industry influencers, and trade newspapers. It’s an excellent method to advertise your company, especially before a trade fair. Don’t be scared to spend money on advertising because even a tiny mention might lead to a significant transaction. Take the time to craft an appropriate press release for your event, and you will be rewarded.


· Food


Attendees who have been wandering about a conference for hours on end appreciate the ease of snacks at booths. Food may be anything from drinks to reusable water bottle filling stations, snack carts, to a popcorn machine, and it can be used to draw people to your exhibit. Engage in discussion with others who are sipping or snacking. Begin by inquiring about the person’s position or reason for attending, then progress to more concrete business issues.


· Use of Technology


You don’t have to fill your space with the most up-to-date devices and equipment simply for the sake of glamour and glam. Instead, commonplace technology such as iPad presentations, conference app alerts, branded television screens, or push notifications triggered when an attendee approaches your booth can be used to your advantage, raising brand awareness, providing information about your products or services, or organically entertaining attendees. SpeedPro InfoLnkX, our revolutionary touchless technology powered by NFC, may also help you bridge the gap between brands, print, and customers. Your booth’s technology improves your visuals while also giving a one-of-a-kind content or informative opportunity.


· Games


What comes to mind when you hear the words “trade show promotion”? Most consumers connect trade show marketing with handouts, such as complimentary mugs, ballpoint pens, and other semi-useful corporate products. Giving out items with your brand isn’t a smart approach to engage people at a trade show, as we explained in our piece on the most successful trade show gifts. They’ll come to your booth to get their free present, then go without leaving anything of worth behind.

Running a contest is a significantly more efficient means of attracting visitors to your exhibition stand and generating high-quality leads. Raffles or quizzes need guests to interact with your sales staff and give their contact information to be eligible for the prize. Your reward does not have to be costly to draw attention, and it can range from gift certificates to free product samples. Make a fun quiz a challenge for participants, and you’ll have no trouble attracting prospects to your expo booth.


· Internet Services


Many trade show visitors, particularly those attending technology-focused events, want reliable Wi-Fi. Because there are so many people checking in and tweeting in such a confined location, 3G service might be spotty during trade fairs that draw a technical crowd. Offering free Wi-Fi at your expo booth will help you stand out from the crowd. You may even utilize free Wi-Fi to generate leads by asking users to register with their email addresses to log in.


· Photobooth


A photo booth encourages visitors to take several photographs. It also works nicely in conjunction with the social media wall. Many photo booths allow you to configure them to share images with a hashtag to Twitter or Instagram immediately. You may also allow people to submit the hash tagged images to social media using their accounts. The postings will then appear on the social wall very instantly because of the hashtag.

Including a photo booth in your trade show area is a wonderful way to attract guests and encourage them to interact with you. While anyone with a camera phone can take a snapshot, photo booths are meant for individuals to get physically closer. Attendees will have a good time and will share their good times at your photo booth with their social media followers.


· Accessibility


Your trade show booth should be designed to be as accessible as possible. Potential business partners or clients may be out of reach due to cluttered furnishings and layouts. Make good use of space and provide free and easy access to your personnel, products, and promotional materials.

Your employees are the most crucial part of your on-site solution. Engaging and informative employees are the most exemplary method to market your company to others. Direct product interaction is the most effective approach to engage your target audience. Allow the product to speak for itself and amaze your guests.

Every marketer enjoys quantifying things. That is why trade show booths are all about outcomes. The more people you can draw to your exposition booth, the more leads you’ll collect and the more transactions your sales staff will close.

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