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Creative Trade Show Marketing Techniques You Ought to Try

Creative Trade Show Marketing Techniques You Ought to Try



With all the companies present at a trade show, it is easy for the displays to blend into one event. Hence, you need a fresh and vibrant trade show marketing techniques in Las Vegas to stand apart from the crowd. Moreover, it lures attendees into your booth and keeps them there long enough for you to send your brand’s message.

Hence, these creative trade show marketing techniques are guaranteed to increase attendee engagement with your brand during a trade event:





Create a Themed Exhibit



Trade Show Marketing Techniques





A themed custom exhibit generates buzz among attendees. Therefore, carefully select a theme that aligns with your target audience’s interests and plans your booth around it. Moreover, make sure to incorporate your brand’s message into the theme.

Hence, while you’re at it, throw in some unique structural elements like life-size versions of your products or logo.



Offer Exclusivity



At TrueBlue Exhibits, we know that people love exclusivity, so offer it. Therefore, use it to entice attendees to come into your booth and talk to you. Therefore, if you want to create an attention-grabbing exterior without giving away too much about your product, then promise your visitors an intimate showroom experience and deliver it through a closed-concept exhibit.

Don’t shortchange your visitors. Hence, make it so exciting they keep talking about it throughout the entire show.



Provide a Digital Recharging Lounge



Trade shows are draining, and people are bound to want to rest, drink, eat, or charge their mobile devices. Hence, if you have space, create a lounge station in your booth. Therefore, include multiple power outlets, lightning connectors, USB ports, Wi-Fi, and even a food or beverage stand.

Remember, you want your visitor to feel welcome, so don’t bombard them with questions and pitches the moment they sit down. In addition, display some catchy taglines in your lounge and place a few leaflets on the tables.



Organize Games or Contests



Adrenaline-boosting contests and games are a sure-win strategy in creative trade show marketing. Therefore, come up with innovative challenges for your visitors and add in some giveaways to keep things interesting.

However, don’t shift focus from your lead and sales generation goals. Instead, tailor the games and giveaways around them.



Host Post Show Events or After Parties



After-hours events are an innovative way of following up on leads. Because they allow you to meet your prospective clients in a relaxed environment and build a relationship with them.

Moreover, depending on the show’s guidelines, you can host a hospitality event after the floor closes, or you can hold one off-site.



Sell Some Products on Offer



Price offers are sure to draw the masses to your exhibition. Let attendees test out your actual products at reduced prices. If they like them, chances are, they will direct their friends to your booth. Also, remind your new clients to talk about you and your product on social media.



Offer an Interactive Experience



At TrueBlue Exhibits, we recommend the use of interactive software in trade booths. Add elements of gamification to your display. Moreover, you can develop a brand-themed VR game, interview customers on video, or add large touch screens that answer your company’s FAQs.

If you can’t afford to use technology, you can offer various custom board games or quizzes.



Final Thoughts



Attendees know that presentations can be exaggerated. If they can’t verify your credibility, they will overlook your creative trade show marketing strategy.  That said, social proof is vital to how visitors respond to your brand. What is your company’s reputation? Can any customers vouch for you? Showcase some enthusiastic client quotes in your booth and, if possible, have one customer on-site. Remember, a success story is only compelling if it comes across as honest and natural.

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