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Benefits of Wood Trade Show Displays

Benefits of Wood Trade Show Displays



Wood trade show displays are inherently beautiful. They are natural, strong, and durable, and come in different finishes and varieties. Hence, you can choose from sanded, stained, or clear-coated options. Moreover, you can also go for veneer or laminate, which has the same natural feel as wood but costs less.

Overall, wood displays offer a wealth of benefits. Here are some of that are worth noting:



Wood Displays Are Aesthetically Pleasing



During a trade show event, the style of your display is critical to the success of your marketing strategy. It determines whether attendees flock to your booth or walk past it. The impression your booth gives potential clients may be subconsciously projected on your brand as well.

Wood trade show displays give your booth a vibrant, classy, and stunning look. They convey a natural charm that draws attendees to your booth non-stop. Wood is often associated with nature and freshness, and a wooden booth is the best way to stand out in a trade show event.

Wood displays also come in a variety of colors, texture, finishes, and laminates, which give your booth a high-end appearance.



They Are Versatile



Wood Trade Show Displays




Wood displays place numerous utilization options at your disposal. They offer you numerous options in terms of the structure, shape, size, and finish of your display. You can incorporate wood into the beams, walls, floor, stands, counters, or shelves.

As shelves, you can use wood to hang your product, prototypes, or giveaways as well as to display monitors.

Additionally, wood is better suited to hold fresh items like produce and bakery foods.



Wood trade show Displays Save Floor Space



Many exhibitors complain about space. If you find it challenging to utilize and maximize the available floor space properly, you should consider a shelving system for your booth. Wooden shelving is a classic, popular, and flexible solution. 

You can use wooden shelves to organize and arrange your products, giveaways, monitors, marketing literature, handy tools, and beverages, among others.

Freeing up valuable floor space allows your attendees the freedom to move around your booth. Also, because wood is durable, you can store both light and heavy objects.



They Are Eco Friendly



Many people are now conscious of the impact of their choices on nature. They will, most likely, be drawn to a business that uses environmentally friendly materials and methods. Wooden displays convey that you care for nature, especially if they are made using reclaimed wood.

Because they are sustainable and durable, they reduce the need to cut trees all the time. When wood displays break, they can be repurposed or recycled.

What’s more, wood is biodegradable and poses no threat to the environment.



Wood Displays Are Incredibly Durable



Wood trade show displays are strong, durable, and practical. Their sturdiness and functionality allow you to display objects of any size and weight without fear of breakage. Wood displays are also a huge money saver as they last longer and require very few repairs.



They Are Easy to Set Up



Compared to other displays, wood displays are relatively easy to install and dismantle. They also come together faster and, therefore, save a lot of time which you can use to prepare for your exhibition.





There is no limit to the benefits you can reap from wood trade show displays. The team at TrueBlue Exhibition helps you choose a wood trade show display in Las Vegas that aligns with your brand message and fits your marketing budget.

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