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All Basic Information About LED Video Wall

All Basic Information About LED Video Wall

All Basic Information About LED Video Wall




Qatar Seatrade Cruise Global 2022 LED Video Wall

Qatar LED Video Wall

Benefits and Important consideration:


When you decide to have a video wall, make sure you get the right configuration for your Las Vegas LED video wall as per your need.

Ten years ago from now, the video walls very only accessible to small segments of the market. Places like malls, events, stadiums, and casinos were the only places where these glowing digital wall signs were available. But with the expansion of disruptive technology, almost every industry started using these installations. With this modern technology, everyone likes to have an amazing LED video wall to attract more customers.



Key Factors to Consider for LED Video Wall:


Before scheduling the installation of LED Video Walls, you must understand some of the important technological factors to support your idea. These are the following factors needed to be considered:


  1. Maintenance
  2. Space available for implementation of the idea
  3. LED or LCD
  4. Pixel Density
  5. Location of installation


It depends upon a variety of factors that which hardware you are using. Even though LCDs are more popular in the market than LEDs, LEDs are getting more fame now due to a sudden decrease in manufacturing price. Besides these, many business owners have many reasons for the usage of an LED video wall.




Led Video Walls



LED Video Wall:

LED video wall is made by “Direct View LED” displays or DV, these work as a single whole screen to display all the units together for the display of content. These screens are amazingly efficient because every element of LED emits and conducts its light on its own.



LED (Light-Emitting Diodes):

The full form of LED is a light-emitting diode; it is a small two-lead semiconductor source of light. What makes LED special is that it emits and produces light on its own compared to any other digital sign display. This quality of LED makes it the most durable and long-lasting technology.

LEDs are just small light bulbs that brighten up when plugged into the electric circuit. They don’t have filament in them, unlike other standard light bulbs, and because of this, they never get hot or burn out. The light emitted by them is because of the movement of the electrons in this small semiconductor material. This movement also determines the color of the bulb. In other video walls, images are backlit, but LEDs produce images themselves.

LED displays started as monochrome; often, companies used it in outdoor signs. But when RGB LEDs entered the market in the early 90s, people preferred them over monochrome, which is now the only major trend in the digital signs industry.


Pixel Formation:

With the evolution of LEDs in the market, the quality of density of pixels is also being improved greatly. The difference between LCD and LED is now being closed with great evolutions.

You can get actual black by using LEDs in video walls; this makes them special. Every LED is coated in black resin epoxy to make the black display. The shades are added between LEDs to eliminate reflectance and different illuminations.


Mounting of LED Video Wall:

These walls are several small LED displays attached to a flat panel. That is why it is necessary to measure the average viewing distance while installing them. The number of pixels determines image resolution. If the people view it from close, more pixel pitch is required.

One surface mount device (SMD) is considered one pixel in an LED video wall; RGB appears on this small pixel. The density of a pixel is calculated by its pitch, and determining pitch, the distance between every SMD LED is needed to be calculated. LED wall rental San Francisco.



Led Video Walls


Benefits of digital LED Video Wall Signs:



In the past, not many people considered LED for their businesses, as it was not much reliable option. But with innovations in this technology, the market for LED signage is growing, and it is becoming a great competitor of LCD.

There are many great benefits of the installation of the LED video wall in Las Vegas. A few of the benefits of this technology is mentioned here:



a. Provide amazing lighting for outdoor LED video wall.

b. Specially designed for illuminations.

c. It runs on NIT and not on LUX.

d. It can handle ambient lights more efficiently than LCD.

e. Gives great display on the showroom floor or even in well-lit rooms.

f. It has high brightness of more than 800 nits



a. Holds a wide view angle.

b. Available in any size and shape.

c. Unmatched uniformity.

d. Less Pixel Density.

e. Available in different depths and also holds rear access in common.

f. LED display holds minimal bezels, and bezels can tilt it all together. So it can be seamless.



a. LED has a long life of greater than 50,000 hours.

b. Holds the best refresh rate for market LED video wall.

c. It is greatly energy-efficient.



a. It holds a wide color gamut greater than and equal to 95% accuracy and NTSC.

b. Coating LEDs can make true black color with epoxy.

c. It is a self-emitting light source on its own, unlike LCD.

d. All these features make LED more efficient and show that LED video wall is something you might be looking for in your business.


-By TrueBlue Exhibits Team LED wall rental Las Vegas

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