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Must-Considering Factors For an LED Video Wall

Must-Considering Factors For an LED Video Wall



Selecting an LED video wall in Las Vegas can be more challenging than buying an ordinary panel display as this is a highly customizable display. Confusing you? Many display technologies, pixel pitches, and mounting mechanisms are available. You can ask yourself 6 questions to simplify this to help you choose the right display that suits you.




VAIO Las Vegas Event LED Screen Wall Rental

VAIO Las Vegas Event LED Screen Wall


The best location for installing an LED video wall



This step is the deciding factor for selecting the LED video wall. There are 3 factors given below:

  1. At which height you are going to put the screen? The video wall size needs to be bigger if it’s put up at a considerable height; otherwise, the screen will not appear to the viewer.
  2. If the screen will be exposed to outdoor or indoor environments?
  3. What is the approximate viewing distance, such as the distance between your video wall and your viewer? This determines the pixel pitch of the video wall. For example, if the viewer will be exposed to your screen from a maximum of 3 meters, you can select the P3 display.


Purpose for having an LED Video Wall?



There are 3 outcomes for this explained here:

  1. The first outcome is to inform the right audience effectively. All the brands want to communicate with their target audience. It can also be sharing a brand story, just connecting with them, or announcing a new line of a product.
  2. The second outcome can be to promote or advertise this; the primary objective of the display is to push sales by either motivating visitors to buy the product or increasing the footfall. For example, digital billboards are excellent, promote in-store displays placed strategically showing discounts and offers that can attract buyers to shop more.
  3. Research says that LED Displays reach 70% of the public, and more than 60% of customers acknowledge that these displays catch their attention.


 What do you want to display on the LED video wall?



There are infinite possibilities for content format. Whether it is HD content, or do you want to play 4K content, or do you want to play just video or image.  Moreover, it may be any live footage that you would like to show, such as the live streaming of a cricket match, or someone who wants to show discounts and offers or RSS news. Feed and an LED ticker are sufficient. Depending on the back end, software, pixel pitch, requirement, and accessories must be chosen.


In which environment you are installing an LED video wall?



The outdoor video walls are exposed to extreme weather conditions. Hence these must be rugged to produce consistent display quality. IP 65 or IP 54 is rated displays for outdoor installation. You need to select a vendor who gives a robust solution. The indoor environment gives a video wall excellent resolution, whereas the outdoors requires a very bright display. You also need to select the video wall suitable for the respective environmental conditions.


Outdoorpic Video Wall

Outdoor Video Wall


Is the LED video wall certified?



The video walls are made up of true color technology. If you want the best output from the video wall, you can select a vendor that uses the best technology and material and ensure that it goes through proper testing. These displays have some emission levels that must be certified. BIS is the basic certification you can look for while selecting an LED video wall. This makes sure that you get the quality product that will have the longer love and will give you the best result ever.

Still, confused or have some queries related to LED video walls? Contact Trueblue exhibit and get the best-LED video walls that suit you.

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