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5 Factors To Consider Before Having A Trade Show Video Wall

5 Factors To Consider Before Having A Trade Show Video Wall



A trade show video wall in Las Vegas is a big display made of multiple video tiles. Want to advertise your business in shopping malls, airports, stadiums, or any famous place with a large audience noticing it? Then a video wall would be a worthy idea.

Statics prove that video walls increase engagement, hold instinctively attractive appeal, and give Content a change look. In search of some modern amazing and innovative method to get more customers? Having a video wall ad would be an amazing idea for your business advertisement.




Wib Rsa Conference Led Video Wall Booth

Wib Rsa Conference Led Video Wall




Remember that having a video wall requires a great investment. So you should thoughtfully decide on the location, display size, Content, and other factors. This will help you to get a perfect video wall according to your display content requirement and features.

These are five important points you should consider before buying a Video Wall:



1. What is the size of the wall?



First, analyze and determine how much space you hold and how big a trade show video wall you want. All factors like pixel density and content creation mostly depend on this one factor.

LED walls are made of seamless tiles combined to form one uninterrupted display. So it means you can choose to create as big as you want. The world’s largest one is created in Beijing; its dimensions are 820 by 90 feet.




World's largest video wall in Beijing




But if you want to have an LCD video wall, it has restricted specific dimensions only. LCD wall is made by an individual LCD TV, which means that it holds some certain ratio of 2X2, 4X4, etc. The LCD video display is divided into bezels and edgy tiles. Even though bezels are so small, they still appear as a cut on display and because of this screen gets segmented.



2. At what distance your viewer will be?



After determining the size of the video wall, the next thing you go for is from where the viewer will be viewing your wall. Resolution is the most critical property, which will get affected by viewer distance. However, if your viewer is much farther away from the screen, e.g., in a sports stadium, then you can use low resolution for the display. But if they are close to it, e.g., entry door signage, then a high resolution is needed.

LCD TV holds a greater advantage in resolution over a big LED single-screen display. The direct view LED screen resolution matches much better with the project display. However, it costs too much if you are willing to have a high resolution. You can get the best picture view from the LCD video wall. However, if your viewing audience is far from the LCD, they won’t be able to view the different resolutions present on the screen.



3. What Content do you want to display on your trade show video wall?



You should first determine what you want to display. It will affect the installation process. Decide what Content you want to show. Whether you want to display any entertainment content, advertisement, educational Content, or is for security purposes or for a conference room.

The Content you wish to display on your LED  wall can be live video, pre-recorded video, graphics, or much other Content you can present through the computer or other devices. You have to create custom content if you don’t have a standard size for the wall. This is because Content is needed to fit in according to the screen ratio.



5 Factors To Keep In Mind Before Having A Video Wall

LED Video Wall Custom Booth Design



If your Content holds too much detail, it requires a high-resolution video wall to display it properly and accurately. Also, if your Content holds lots of small text, you have to get a high-resolution display. Simple and sorted graphics or videos are easily viewable in low-resolution displays.

If you want to show multiple Content at once, then a video wall processor is needed to merge all different display data types into one display. Video processors create one large seamless video canvas with non-standard display qualities. So once you know what type of Content you want to display, it will help you get a specific device for it.



4. Who is the creator of Content?



When you finally decide what Content you what to show on your display and who is the targeted audience for your Content, then look for a content creator. Look for a designer who can design your Content and scale your Content to go well with a custom ratio and goes against normal sizing standards.

If you ever feel like you have updated your Content in the future, your video wall creator can provide you with information and recommendations for tools that can allow the management of Content, such as tracking, updating, or managing your Content video wall. Many options are available for a digital sign platform that can help manage your Content. AV Company also holds great expertise with systems. They can also help you out with system selection.



5. In which environment do you want to install Video Wall?



The environment greatly impacts the equipment needed to make a video wall. Hence, determine where you want to install it, such as outdoor or indoor, heavy traffic area or silent area, hot or cold temperature. Moreover, decide whether you want to use the display temporarily or permanently. If you want a portable one, i.e., in fairs or conferences, decide this before getting a video wall.

All these factors hold a great impact on the durability of your video wall but, at the same time, limit your options too. For example, seamless LED screens are a good option if you want to expose the material to too much light compared to other available options. But in my view, it would be a good idea if you get the wall worth your time and money compared to one that will not even fit well with your Content and will wear down in no time, without any specific reason.



Expectations from trade show video wall:



This is the most important factor you need to discuss because this is what you will tell your AV technician or company who will create and install a video display for you. Only they can help you have the best and right equipment according to your specifications and needs. But you have to communicate first to explain what your need is. The more precisely you describe the detail, the better result you will get.

Consider these questions all well, so you can get all possible instructions related to these from the Trueblue exhibit. This will help you have the desired video wall for your project or display Content.

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