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4 Best Way to Optimize Space with Your Trade Show Exhibits

4 Best Way to Optimize Space with Your Trade Show Exhibits



No matter how many areas you get for your trade show exhibits & displays, it is always essential to keep your booth design spacious and inviting. Yes, space is always at a premium to interact with visitors––especially if you have got a smaller booth design, you need to act smart. Ideally, of course, a business owner wants various activities (things to do) for visitors – products to buy, materials to take home, and so forth. Unfortunately, both “lived in” and “cluttered” is unpopular in trade booth design. What’s more demanding is Custom Trade Show Island Design that makes balancing and inviting trade show displays.



Why Use Custom Trade Show Displays?


Often companies use displays––indistinguishable from their neighbors or the rest of their competition, which never leaves a lasting impact in the product that is being promoted. But making the best use of the space available is vital for a successful trade show display!

This is why a proven way to bring attention to your product and services is to create a

custom trade show booth––an attention-grabbing visual, unimaginative graphics, eye-catchy themes, and much more. This is literally the first impression for visitors, so you want to be assured that the ideas engage them from the very start. Likewise, when trade show attendees leave the booth and later look through their business cards, if a strong positive impression was not made on them, there is a very likely chance that they will contact you.




Optimize Space With Your Trade Show Exhibits


How to Make the Most of Small Space


Well, first and foremost:


Choose a Theme


Did you know that there is more than a brand? It acts like a rug that connects rooms together. In simple words, a theme creates an instant connection between your brand and everything displayed in a trade show. It’s best to reflect the theme in the color design––that will also help creates a single visual link between each aspect of your booth. Also, it reduces the need to repeat your story––this frees up creative space within the trade show display for more ideas and information to be presented.


Think Three-Dimensionally


You need not display everything on tables and podiums. Add more elements up on the walls, or you can choose to display them even down from the ceiling. It would be great to hire professionals for the job. They have experience arranging trade show

 exhibits and so can better utilize your small space in an interesting and unexpected way. For example, displaying items that are hung on the wall can add “free” floor space.

One of the best parts about a custom trade show island display is that you can use modern technology; digital panels, tablets, 3D printed objects, and VR headsets to attract potential customers’ attention.


Disguise Your Storage Space


Do a look around for unused space. Nooks, crannies, areas behind desks, and corners for example. Utilize hidden places to store things the customers don’t need to see, like a box of office supplies or spare giveaways, etc. Any area of the booth which isn’t going to be visible to visitors should be harnessed for storage. Remember, this should be kept to a minimum.

If you’re expecting high-demand space, consider designing your trade display to hide one area discretely. Usually, back corners are good for this.


Use Better-Trained Staff


Communication and mannerism is the key to success. We hammer on this one a lot, after all, the main purpose of a trade show display is to meet people and greet them with an open heart! This is only possible if you use better-trained staff who are an integral part of business presentations.

Give them proper training. Moreover, you will need to ensure that employees have access to products displayed at the booth and information they could need to share with visitors. Hence, the more they have information related to the products or services, the better they will able to guide potential customers. In addition, this is how you can attract attendees to your booth and convert them into customers.



7 Ways to Boost Your Trade Show ROI


Follow the simple rules:

1) Get yourself the complete list of attendees so it might help you target them easily. Hence, schedule appointments ahead of time.

2) It would be difficult for you to promote your small space booth because exhibit halls are crowded. No problem, you need to inform your prospects in advance where you have displayed your stall. In addition, provide them with a map of your booth or just give them the booth number. Make it easy for the audience to find you.

3) Avoid overarching themes. Tailor content to the theme and make sure it is relevant, and not overly promotional. Also, you can create different types of E-Books, videos, blog posts, infographics, etc. featuring this theme.

4) Leverage social media and promote your event on specific social media pages.

5) Get creative with your custom trade show island design. Display all your products front and center.

6) Offer giveaways to increase sales.

7) Generate media coverage. If there will be a huge event, you should invite bloggers, news outlets, and famous industry leaders to talk about your brand. Though this strategy isn’t cheap, but undoubtedly the best way to grab visitors’ attention toward your small space booth.



Optimize Space With Your Trade Show Exhibits



Other Trade Show Booth Tips


1) Always dress presentably

2) Be there on time

3) Set goals

4) Build brand awareness at least by 20%

5) Prepare a checklist

6) Be ready to answer questions

7) Provide hospitality

8) Hire a spokesperson

9) Give Out Samples/Promotional items

10) Fill your booth with products

11) Spruce up your booth with the best audio and video elements



Bottom line


Be creative! Always look at the trade show booth design from the attendee’s point of view. Moreover, to ensure you and your team is heading towards a successful trade show display, we advise you to take experts’ help.  Hence, if you want everything to go smoothly and great, be sure to contact the best trade show design and consultation teams.

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