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Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ

Booth Labor, Freight, Electrical

Full-time exhibitor personnel may install and dismantle all exhibit properties in Phoenix. Company identification such as a medical identification card or payroll stub must be carried. Arizona is a right to work state.

The Local #36 (IATSE) Union controls the movement of freight in / out of buildings, lays all aisle carpet and installs pipe and drape for the General Contractors.

Exhibitors may “hand carry” material into the convention center, provided they do not use material handling equipment to assist them. Exhibitors may not be permitted access to loading dock/freight door areas. Stagehand Local #36 has jurisdiction over all material handling responsibilities outside of those carried out by the exhibitor.

Electrical labor needs to be hired for all under-carpet distribution of electrical wiring. Also for all facility overhead distribution of electrical wiring, including coaxial cable, fiber optics, twisted pair, etc., and the distribution of same from product to booth and from booth to booth. All motor and equipment hook-ups requiring hard wiring connections and all installation and/or repair of electrical fixtures require electricians, as well as all installation of electrical motors and electrical apparatus to be energized.

All outlets over 20 amps and/or with a voltage over 150 volts require electrical labor. Labor is required to inspect equipment pre-wired to plug into the system.


In Phoenix, straight time rates are from Monday through Friday, 8am-4:30 pm. Overtime rates are incurred outside of those hours on Monday through Friday as well as all day on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Lunch is from 12:00 – 12:30 pm.

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