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Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, FL

Booth Labor, Freight and Rigging

The Miami Beach Convention Center is the main convention hall in the Miami area. The Local 1175 Decorators Union has jurisdiction for providing labor to install and dismantle booth properties. However, full-time employees of the exhibiting companies may set their own exhibits without assistance from this local.

Any labor services that may be required beyond what your regular full time employees can provide, must be rendered by the Union, either through the general contractor or through an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor, such Absolute I&D.

Proof of full time employment status may be requested by the Union Steward of any personnel working in your booth.

Exhibitors may “hand-carry” their own materials into the exhibit facility. However, they may not use dollies, flat trucks, or other mechanical equipment to assist.

The general contractor will control access to the loading docks and all material moved through this area must be handled by the general contractor. Teamsters handle freight from the warehouse to the docks, and Decorators hand the drayage from the dock to the booth space. Decorators also handle pipe and drape, carpet laying, and booth installation as mentioned above.

The Miami Beach Convention Center has an agreement regarding Audio Visual Equipment with the IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees and Motion Picture Machine Operators Union – or Stagehands). In accordance with this agreement, IATSE workers handle the move-in, performance, and move-out of the following: cable installations for local cable television and satellite hook ups, audio and video recording, audio visual projection and screen masking, rigging of theatrical apparatus from the ceiling grid, and entertainment events – staging, sound, and lighting operations.

All AV contractors may provide supervision only.

Hanging Signs Most of the time we (the EAC’s) can assemble and dismantle the hanging signs and the GC only raises and hangs it and brings it down to the floor on the dismantle. This does vary show to show but that is usually the case Exhibitors or Exhibit Houses may supervise this work only.


Electricians are responsible for the installation and activation of all electrical requirements. Exhibitors may provide their own power cords, but they must be of the 3 wire grounded variety. Exhibitors may prep, assemble and service their own special equipment requiring engineers or technicians, but the “house electricians” must service all connections and provide overload protection to the equipment.

AV contractors can usually bring in their own equipment and can install and service. They do have to go through the union dock to unload and deliver to booth if it is more than they can hand carry. This does vary show to show but that is usually the case.


In Miami, straight time rates are from Monday through Friday, 8am-4:30pm. Overtime rates are incurred outside of those hours on Monday through Friday as well as all day on Saturday. Sundays and holidays are double time. Lunch is from 12:00 – 12:30 pm.

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