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Led Video Wall Rental Led Video Wall Rental Led Video Wall Rental

LED video wall rental

Factory Direct LED Video Wall Rental

Trade Shows – We design custom trade show booths with LED video wall elements to show off your business video content for maximum impact on show floor.

Conferences – As a replacement for projection and for large digital backdrops, it would be best to have hanging or stand-along LED wall displays.

Corporate Events – To create amazing sponsorship opportunities and to increase brand awareness, many clients select our LED video wall as their visual solution.

Marketing Events – Video walls are fun and creative factors to have; they create an interactive, modern feel and give unlimited creative potential at an experimental marketing event.

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TrueBlue LED Video Wall

Get top factory-direct LED video panels for rent or purchase. We have more than 15,000 LED video wall panels in stock. Our warehouse based in Las Vegas, with satellite location in San Francisco, Chicago & Orlando. We are able to assist with your event LED video wall needs nationwide.


We have used True Blue for a couple trade shows now and they are amazing at what they do. Communication is easy, the quality of their work is top notch, and they help give me peace of mind when I

Sean Dhaliwal

TrueBlue Exhibits were professional and quick to respond, from the design concept to the finished product, and helped my dream concept come to life! We received many compliments from exhibitors,

Traci Thomas

We've worked with Joseph and the TrueBlue team for two years and our experience has been exceptional. With a variety of budgets and exhibit needs, the TrueBlue team has helped us turn

Erika Koneczny

We are really pleased with TrueBlue! . Joseph is a professional and a great communicator. We keep getting compliments from our booth and it’s really making us stand out. Have them booked for

Brian Payne

Amazing experience working with True Blue for our last 2 conventions. Great quality service, timely and supportive.
Will continue to use them moving forward.

camila nariño

We had an amazing experience with Joseph and the team! We came to them with some crazy ideas and a short timeline for the biggest booth we’ve ever done, and they executed perfectly. Joseph was incredibly

Christina Hentges Nebel

LED Video Wall Rental FAQ

What Advantage TrueBlue team holds In Las Vegas Over Other LED Wall Rental Companies?

We have the following advantage compared with other LED wall guys.


1. Equipment
Being one of the leading LED display screen manufacturers, we provide factory-direct LED video walls on purchase and rental; we also are the official reseller and distributor of LightLink displays. Hence, after every 2 years, we get our screen renewed and sell used LED video wall panels to businesses such as restaurants, bars, clinics, etc. All of our LED video wall panels are maintained well. We transport our rented video walls for repairs to warehouses every time after the rental. This process is the same as the maintenance of a car and gun and is not fun at all, but it is done to make sure that in Las Vegas, the video wall you get is in its best possible condition and gives you A+ results on trade show events. Many other LED video wall rental companies don’t even have technicians who can understand how to maintain and repair their equipment.

With over 15,000 video wall panels in stock, none of these jobs appears big to us.


2. Services
You can expect a friendly and professional consolation from the first time you get in touch with us by phone call or email, all of your LED video wall questions will be answered by experts, and you will get the best communication about the needs of your project. We will send you a quotation for your work as soon as possible (usually within an hour). We are here to help you with every single step of your project. Our team holds the knowledge and expertise of trade shows and events and how everything works in shows. You can hand your hard work to us and sit back relaxed, knowing the work will be of great success.


3. LED wall technician
The head of our LED wall technician has been in the field of LED video wall factory since the age of 18 years old and has more than 20 years of experience in this business. We know almost every single thing about LED video wall displays. We are the top go-to place for many other LED wall rental companies present in town. Then they come to us to get many troubleshooting services for their LED walls’ technical issues and repairing their LED wall panels. It gets frustrating when your LED video wall company can’t help you resolve many on-site technical complications with your LED wall, but it is not any big deal for the TrueBlue team to solve these issues. Our team can solve such issues which others can’t do.


4. Pricing
We are totally determined to provide you with the best price experience in Las Vegas. Our prices are usually equal to or less than many of our other competitor’s invoices or quotes; we never get beaten in a matter of price.

What Is The Right Pixel Pitch For Me?

Led Video Wall

LED Pixel Pitch Viewing Distance
It is important to know the location of the display and the Las Vegas audience and how far the audience will be from the display to choose the pixel pitch for the LED video wall display. The more pixels per square inch you choose, the clear image will appear, and the nearer your audience will be to display, the smaller the pixel pitch is required. If the audience views the display from far, you can save some money by using a wide pixel pitch because the human eye can’t notice the difference in resolution from a distance, and the closer your audience stands to display, the clearer your images are needed to be. Some simple logos and minimal texts don’t require small pixel pitch, but the complex graphics and HD video might require HD screens for display.

What Size Of LED Wall Do I Need?

People usually answer this question by getting as big as possible, but it is not always the right answer. For sure, you get an astonishing factor from the audience due to its huge size, but if you use your video content to accentuate or give details about your service or product at your event booth and it makes your product presence prominent, are you sure you are really delivering a quality message to your brand customers?

You can determine screen size depending on multiple factors, but a couple of factors to help you start with the right path is calculating the exact distance where your audience will view your screen content. Some elements like the weight limitation of the venue and scenic pieces can help you determine the size.

Sometimes bigger might appear better, but it is important to understand the answers coming for your solution before you take a step to go down that path; it will help in reaffirmation that you are making the right decision with Las Vegas LED video wall pack sometimes the choices might not be to the satisfaction of image quality you need.

Why Should I Hire A LED Video Wall Over Projector?

3 Top Advantages to LED video walls you should consider:

The brightness for displays in the case of projectors require an unobstructed path and dim light in its surrounding otherwise, the image appears distorted; however, for Las Vegas wall panels, it’s a different case since the light get emitted for the display’s surface, and it also works well in outdoor settings and doesn’t cause any kind hindrance for those who are viewing the display. The projector’s brightness is 3.456 less than that of the LED video display screen brightness, and both are measured in two different units. The unit in which LED video display brightness is measured is NIT, and for a good quality image, it should be greater than or equal to 600 NITs, regardless of ambient light.

Image Quality
Projectors are the most famous nowadays because of providing the best services, however now because of the Surface Mount Diode (SMD) technology in which all three diodes, green, red, and blue mounted all together in a tiny diode that allows them to create a high quality display available in the market now so far. Most of the time-image created by projectors mostly appear hazy and fuzzy due to the fact that the white surface present in it doesn’t give off dark tones rightly, and because of this image looks out of focus; for such reasons, it is important to develop a good level of contrast the image created appear in high quality. The image appears with high contrast because of the casing and louvers present in LED video panels that dissipate the light to create high contrast. To make the image visible and crisp from a large distance, you should use helping aids like black backgrounds and dark tones.

Everywhere in the world, they need to increase the number of attendees and provide them with value services. If you want to keep the audience busy and engaged with your booth, it is necessary to offer them quality images that are not affecting their eyes negatively with contrast and brightness and stand out from the crowd. So you should adjust the contrast and brightness of the content well. It is the most critical thing to create an engaging environment for the audience, unique and stimulating audience interest. With LED panels, you can add advancement to your display stand. You don’t have to learn much to operate LED panels, and they hold up to production value; these things make them efficient and effective. Most of the manufacturers of LED video wall panel display provide the training and the support for operating this device themselves, which make the running and set up procedure of the device trouble-free and smooth with the addition of small to no price.

What is the best Aspect Ratio For My Las Vegas LED Video Screen?

Aspect ratio is the relationship described between the width and height (W: H) of digital displays: for example, the height and width for the LED will be equal to each other if the aspect ratio is 1:1, while the height will be half of the width if aspect ratio is 2:1. A few of examples aspect ratios are described here:

  • If the width of the display is greater than the ratio, such as 3:2, then the display will be landscape
  • If the width and height both are equal, such as 1:1, then the display will be square.
  • If the width of the display is less than the height, such as 2:3, then the display will be portrait.

Remember that the display’s aspect ratio doesn’t depend on size; for example, the aspect ratio is 1:1 for both 4′ x 4′ screens and 400′ x 400′ screens. 16;9 ( 16 units for width and relevant 9 units for height) is considered the standard aspect ratio for display and video. However, you can also select an ultra-wide display by using video and display processors that ensure the perfect fit for visuals.

For Las Vegas LED video walls, the aspect ratio is considered one of the most important factors. For example, if you are thinking of displaying a live full-screen TV feed, your video wall must be according to today’s standard aspect ratio, which is 16:9. Your aspect ratio can be made custom by your company of event production for many other video wall display screens, but it doesn’t work as ideal always and can cause some critical results as follows:

  • A letterbox might appear on the screen with the black bars appearing on both sides of the display because the image maintains itself to its original aspect ratio.
  • A distorted image might appear because of its stretching to fill the entire screen.
  • The image might appear cropped to make the filling of itself to the size of the whole screen possible.

It is the best idea to make custom content if your desired look for your screen and stage is a custom aspect ratio so that the content matches the exact aspect ratio to your screen, and even if you go for ultra-widescreen, the content fits it perfectly. Some of the special amazing screen management softwares are available online to move your content around the screen without distortion of content image.

What type of Las Vegas LED Wall Services Should We Expect From TrueBlue Team?

We take care of our clients in the same way we treat our family members. We work extra hard and try to go beyond the limit to get your LED video display needs to be done for your Las Vegas trade show event. Keeping your budget in view, we always provide smooth and A+ service and do our best to give honest and described services only. You can expect a brilliant win-win and happy result from us. Our team got all the expertise and passion along with useful types of equipment to make your project a success. We give the right service the first time and every time you ask for it.

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